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Human Ethics IV

6. 05. 2017 11:58:05
Evil is getting stronger and it is reaching dimensions exceeding horror novel’s authors imagination as much as it is impossible to imagine, even for authors of new products versions, the originals of which were made by guardians i
When they stripped my sweetheart from me and were taking her away, far from my loving hands, I could hear her crying for long moments after she was carried to a next room where she was fighting four adults... One of them was a doctor, all dressed in white, the other one her psychopathic and aggressive mother and her grandmother reminding me of an evil witch with her red hair... My sweetie was still so strong that she was able to fight against their menacing faces and she was crying “I want to go to Papa!”... Her cries were stabbing my heart, they were killing me... I even could not breathe... I could not remain standing up... with all my effort I found a chair to sit down, totally paralyzed. In that moment Mephisto came to the room, all dressed in white and started to bewitch me... Me, who had fought through 13 years in conditions hard to imagine and who was now facing that crime committed at my daughter and me. Maphisto was a part of that plot, standing above me and bewitching me.... His expression was saying “And now we got you, you hero”! But his voice asked me “What’s happened to you?” I forgot who was asking or maybe I was not aware of Mephisto so I answered: “Never ever in my life something touched me as much as the voice of that little creature”. I shouldn’t have said that, I shouldn’t have let him enjoy my helplessness.... He was absolutely enjoying my feelings and in his Protocol he quoted my sentence exactly in the way that is not possible to treat it in another way than a menace. However, in any other society the feelings of a father that had been just separated from his daughter, of a man depressed that his loved one had been torn away from his arms would be treated somehow more in a human way, with understanding of the tragedy happening. It would be treated as a drama, possibly as a tragedy. But it was not the case of this office, ruled by a man who had read ethics to students of medicine, moreover in the house of a legendary Doctor Faustus. . No sign of humanity was present here. My story shows just how the once important civilization is falling to decay.

After some days “the honorable professor” together with MUDr Karel Stibral delivered their evaluation to the Court and just there I realized that the evil showing itself through the Proffessor’s person didn’t know any limits. They even misused evaluations made in 1990s partially also made by MUDr Stibral. He had asked me to send the papers to him and I was so naive and respectful to the scholars’ values that I sent them to him. I sent them just in order to his evaluation be made correctly and not to be based on the outdated papers and not to stop me in my efforts. The evaluations from 1990s written by MUDr Stibral and others the specialist had not found anything in my psychics that, even under extreme pressure would digress from normality and contrarily they were amazed how firm my personality’s structure was even in most extreme conditions and without signs of aggressivity.

So all of this was very well known to this man teaching the ethics to the students of medicine at Charles University and in the Doctor Faustus House so he had to purposefully deform those protocols into something else that could harm me. So he made the idea up that I was a NOTORIOUS COMPLAINER!! The fact that I had not given up in the confabulated cause where the same Professor acted as a helper of those who persecuted me unlawfully and in violation of Constitution they persecuted also four other Kurds; the fact that I had fought for 13 years to clear my reputation of all these manipulated accuses were so much annoying him that he let me feel his revenge in the moment when I was absolutely defenseless. This villain paid me back in the case of my child in the moment when I was defenseless because of my sweetheart. He did in very cunningly as a prevention so all my complaints would be treated as the notorious kvetch.

Even MUDr Karel Stibral who examined me as a part of a specialists team for several days in 1990s, as I was held as a super dangerous criminal in a prison by then, did not find something like this. I was more than 40 years old by then and him as a “specialist” should have known that the personality structure at that age would not change all of the sudden. It is remarkable that when I went to his office to be examined he told me that actually there was nothing to examine and for him everything was clear by then, in 1990s. I spent there hardly ten minutes but still he dared to coauthor that “Professor” Vymetal’s evaluation. Probably he wanted to get his half of the salary that in his case was 25000 CZK (approx. 1000 USD). He definitely did not want to lose that sum so he signed the protocol, not caring about truth, scientist’s honor, nothing.... Money is money. It does not stink and their little wicked souls were rejoicing as they enjoyed their power over an innocent human being, the power to stab the most sensitive part. It was not committed by some sadomasochists but by scholars decorated with academic titles form Charles University of Prague, my Alma Mater, too, teaching ethics in the famous Doctor Faust’s House. However this was just a fraction of all what I learned about that endless garbage bin that pretends to be a part of our civilization and our ethics. The story, as you will see, is not over at all.

Some months later my wife living separately with our daughter, refusing, despite all law enforcement institutions orders even to show her to me, the woman suffering with psychopathy, as specialists found, suddenly called upon me and said she wanted to make peace with me. She even said she wanted to undergo treatment... Well, specialists say there is no treatment for psychopathy but having my daughter’s wellbeing in mind I was eager to do anything. As it is usual with psychopaths in the time of peacemaking she started to tell me everything about all evil done in collaboration with PhDr Alena Uvacik, Mgr Eva Spustova and others.

It was impossible to stop her, she talked about this and that so I really fell disgusted that she was the part of those gears of evil and together they committed incredible, unlawful and immoral plots just to be able to harm me through my daughter, through denying me from my essential human right to have a relationship between the father and his daughter. In this devil’s machine values are not values, just the way how to reach their own goals.

Monika Uzunoglu even visited a Notar to make a properly signed testimonial of all she told me and the document approved by a Notar was sent to State Organs of Czech Republic. Anybody living even in a primitive law based state would expect the State to act, the institutions doing at least some basic steps to enforce the law in the interest of the child. However, nothing happened! Nothing, absolutely nothing!

Thousands and thousand of children are crushed between gears of the state and law enforcement machinery until last bits of their little souls are crushed to dust. This happens in a state that pretends itself being based on law enforcement, democracy and ethics.

Monika Uzunoglu did not want to stop telling her “revelations of dark facts” by then. Besides else she also described me how she achieved that cowards like Doc PhDr Jan Vymetal and MUDr Karel Stibral fabricated the evaluation of my daughters and my relations where they described our relation as absolutely positive and sincere but as the conclusion they recommended ASSISTED contact as if I were the worst criminal! Their conclusion that was and even could not be based on any exact fact or finding shocked even the best of Czech specialists on infant psychiatry and psychology. Erudite specialists in psychiatry and psychology expressed their opinion in writing saying that the above mentioned recommendation was not based on on any facts and they added their analysis.

Did it help? Not. My daughter could see me, her own father, just once in two weeks for just TWO hours!

As Monika Uzunoglu was describing how she achieved that the specialists, not mentioning the revengefulness of Prof Vymetal, fabricated that evaluation with destructive effect against me, she gave me the exact information. The specialists were, as she said, motivated financially. She added that I was naive to think that I would be able to fight the gears of the machine where just antipathy was not enough. When I wanted to see how the mechanism worked she gave me even the smallest details how she bribed both experts, namely Prof Vymetal and MUDr Stibral. In case anybody were interested I am able to testify for Law Enforcement Organs about the mechanism of the corruption but I also know that that they are not interested at all in any prosecution and they will not act in the framework of their obligation to investigate as required by the Law in case of suspicion of a crime committed. In this rotting and decaying system just an expectation that somebody of the State or Judiciary structures would act according the Law is blatantly naive and even insolent. And so it happens that Citizens regardless the fact that we speak about children or elderly would be torn apart by the cruel gears of that machine of anti-system lacking any order or morale. Whenever we mention any ethics it is treated as being a major crime because the existing image of morale or ethics is completely corrupted and doesn’t have anything to do with principles of humanity. This is the real image of the cesspit into what the rotting society turned into.

Consequently I am sending this article to Law Enforcement Authorities as the Incentive to initiate criminal prosecution I already know that nobody is going to investigate and as maximum I will be accused of false accusation... Look at the current state of the cesspit into which even children are thrown to rot...

Definitely the unanswered question it is why exactly those persons were chosen by the Judge of the District Court of Prague-East District JUDr Alois Cihlar as to serve as experts if there are hundreds of certified experts in Czech Republic. Despite of the fact JUDr Cihlar chose those two who played an important (in positive or negative sense) role in 1990s in the case imposed on me that entered the history of the Czech Justice. Was it just a coincidence? If so, it would be an absolutely incredible and improbable coincidence! Isn’t it so that Prof Vymetal lives close to JUDr Cihlar? Isn’t that so they go to the same pub in the same neighborhood where they talk about my cases both the past and the current that deals with denial of my basic human right of a father to see his daughter? ISN’T THAT THE TRUTH?

This is how they decide about the future of our young generation moreover spending out tax money! And this is why the mental health of our children who had to pass through the crushing gears of the system ignoring the basics of human ethics is as it is.

The basic principles of ethics are taught by persons who themselves are the gears of the deadly law enforcement and the state machine!

A dieux Civilization!!


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