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A Dishonest Lion Will Hit Twice

12. 03. 2017 22:11:47
I will never give up fighting for my child's right to have her father and I will never give up fighting for my right, her father's right, to be with her.

"Şêrê bê namûs du car şer dixwaze "

A Dishonest Lion Will Hit Twice - as an old Kurdish proverb says.

I will never give up fighting for my child's right to have her father and I will never give up fighting for my right, her father's right, to be with her. I will do everything and anything to make that hydra realize whom it is facing to in defense of my rights but also in order to make Right win in Czech Republic.

It is based on centuries of experience, experience with morale paradigms reflected back into old people's wisdom.

I know that neither this proverb nor any other piece of wisdom can change a bit in a society that is in morale decay, maybe even already being rotten. I am writing it just in case that one day if this civilization applying some superhuman force gets over it's sickness, people know that there was some Kurd calling for justice in a country that he understood as being his second home. Some Kurd who was pointing that basic human ethical code but always in vain.

I am a normal thinking person who had been living under the personal and emotional impression of living in a legally consistent state. In a state for benefits of which I had been acting as a Kurd grateful to his host country, doing anything possible and I daresay I did more than many Czech Republic native citizens. Despite of these facts, several innocent Kurds, including myself, were arrested on Sept 13, 1994. And even then, in the period of transformation from Totality into the Regime criminally looting everything what Czech nation had been building for decades, that unprecedented infringement of personal rights of for innocent Kurds, members of a persecuted nation, perceived as a "regular" routine, just fine in the time of the "Wild Capitalism"

That death match against three innocent Kurds and me was started by the office of, today already Col. JUDr Vaclav Kucera, in collaboration with law enforcement officers who made it possible for those policemen to go shopping in their working hours as it was before Christmas, Merry Christmas for them... Who made it possible to get drunk at their office (as for JUDr Stanislava Spirkova)... And prosecutors? They were thinking more about getting job promotions, how to buy some Western car or to spend vacations in some for them in exotic countries. They were not interested at all in some "ridiculous" treatment of Law that would put some Police Officer against them! They could trip their game putting obstacles onto their way up the stairs and spoil their effort to fulfilling their dreams.

I was fighting for 13 years by all possible means being a foreigner, being a lonely fighter against that criminal band bearing a badge of the State Law Enforcement and acting like true State representatives. I finally defeated them despite the Czech legal less jungle and I proved claiming Justice being possible!

However, one of my fellow convicted Kurds died young as the consequence of unlawful imprisonment, another one went mad and up today has been under psychiatrists' treatment and the last one has been so traumatized that he has not left the island where he lives since being released from custody. My house was set on fire, burning my archive, I survived just by miracle. My cars were repeatedly destroyed, my house was robbed several times. Those are just some examples of terroristic assaults upon myself and my property, tolerated by the Czech authorities.

Despite of all of this I did not give up and I defeated the hydra that grew into all parts and all levels of society.

More than 160 most important persons were staging a hunger strike including Vaclav Havel.

Hundreds of important people from the whole Europe signed the "We Accuse" letter, among them also Zdenek Sverak or Karl Schwarzenberg.

Hundreds of State Officers made their excuse including Milan Uhde or The KSCM Party Chairman Dr. Filip, Jan Ruml or Jan Kalvoda.

The State gave me the highest compensation ever given in the Czech Justice history.

I was so naive to think that the Lion understood that he had lost his battle. I naively thought him to be a man of honor but he never had been, he probably even does not know the meaning of the word.

Five years ago the office lead by Vaclav Kucera began a new deadly campaign against me. This time they got my psychological ill wife and my baby daughter into their hands. They counted upon my age and lower physical activity. This was the way how they could go orgasmic in their pubs watching how my wife insulted me in their presence or making an obstacle so I could not reach my little innocent baby, I even could not touch her... They probably never can reach the actual orgasm so they found a compensation in a cruel masochistic act featuring the Law Enforcement Badge and their service pistol. This is the way they can feast upon citizens and they even could expect a reward for each orgasm of that kind ordered by their employer.

I have been fighting that dishonest lion in the second battle for five years now and they have my little precious as a hostage...

If there is the Creator above me and I know He is, He will not leave my little gem being crushed by cruel teeth of those crocodiles who devour their own offspring.

And all of this is happening in a country that sees itself as a heart of European civilization so related to this I am asking: "If the heart is so rotten how do other organs look like?"

For 23 years I have been fighting against hydra against that dishonest lion, I have been fighting their rules and I hope that I will not have to set the Kurds' rules that observe the code of honourable and never broken Kurdish nation whose blood I feel pulsing in my veins, in my soul. Already in 1995, after a year in a detention in the same cell as massive murderers were detained I wrote a letter to that time Czech President Vaclav Havel in which I said: "Even if they murdered me - and they had tried to do so several times by now - they can't achieve anything. Kurds just get another martyr. I am not a product of some Roman culture to bend before a sentence by some Czech Nero. I am not Seneca." I reminded Vaclav Havel the same words at the moment I was awarded the Frantisek Kriegel Award and today I am repeating them again.

I probably express my feelings and my opinions in a too polite manner and I expect wrongly that members of that subculture I described above will understand me.

However I will never give up fighting for my child's right to have her father and I will never give up fighting for my right, her father's right, to be with her. I will do everything, anything to make that hydra realize whom it is facing to in defense of my rights but also in order to make Right win in Czech Republic.


Who is Who in this article:

Vaclav Havel (1936 - 2011) Czech, Dissident, playwright, politician. In time of my unlawful imprisonment President of Czech Republic

Zdenek Sverak (1936 - ) Czech, actor, humorist and scriptwriter. Oscar Award for Kolja movie.

Karl Schwarzenberg (1937 - ) Czech- Austrian, noble, human rights activist, politician, MOP. In time of my fight for justice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Vojtech Filip (1955 - ) Czech, Chairman of Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM). In time of my unlawful imprisonment a member of Executive Committee of KSCM, later its Chairman.

Jan Ruml (1953 -) Czech, Human Rights activist, dissident, politician. In time of my unlawful imprisonment Interior Minister of Czech Republic

Jan Kalvoda (1953 - ) Czech, lawyer, politician, MP. In time of my unlawful imprisonment he was the Chairman of Civic Democratic Alliance Party, Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister.

Frantisek Kriegel (1908 - 1979) Slovak, physician, politician, political leader of Czechoslovak Communist Party in 1968, later dissident of the Charta 77 movement.

The Frantisek Kriegel Award is granted annually to a person who has fought for human rights.


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